Toni Coon

Director Timekeeping Solutions


Toni Coon, CPP is Director, Timekeeping Solutions at DHL. Toni has spent her career in the payroll and HR space, having led a variety of payroll focused onboarding classes, payroll project implementations, and streamlining global timekeeping services. After 20 plus years in the payroll operational world, she became an accomplished speaker and thought leader while working at Kronos (now UKG). Upon returning to DHL in 2018, Toni now drives the HR strategy for how the business manages time and attendance, with emphasis on education and training, standardization and efficiencies, and providing guidance and compliance to meet business and customer needs. Toni’s word of advice is to be flexible and fluid in the face of change, as the only constant anyone can count on is that things will constantly change.

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