WR113OD UKG Ready: Mobile Essentials for 2021 and Beyond

  • Join Tom McNamara, director of the UKG Ready product suite, for an overview of all things mobile. During this 30-minute session, Tom will dive into key features in the mobile experience, from open enrollment, managing schedules and time off, and geofencing to engaging future employees through recruitment and onboarding. You’ll also gain a sneak peak of what’s to come for mobile when he highlights upcoming enhancements.
  • Session Type:UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) Expert
  • Learner Outcome 1: Hear an overview of the mobile experience
  • Learner Outcome 2: Learn tips and tricks for leveraging mobile at your organization
  • Learner Outcome 3: Gain an understanding of upcoming enhancement to help you engage employees
  • Product: UKG Ready
  • Industry: All Customers (not related to a specific industry)
  • Persona: All Customers (not related to a specific job role)
  • Theme: Essentials for Your Employees
  • Level: All Levels
Tom McNamara
UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group)

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